Experience & reflect upon our EPSE 317 presentation on "Exceptionality in the Tech Ed Classroom"


- write list of disabilities
- research all 12 and find the specific challenges to learning (ie. strengths/weaknesses)
- develop strategies and activities
Organize strategies & activities into subtopics:
Environment - Instructional/ Procedural Posters, placement of machines, classroom layout, no blindspots, emergency lights, labelling tools
Activities -
Teacher Instruction - Modeling, Demos, physical prompting
Alternative Evaluation -
Inclusive Community - Democratic classrooms, concensus classroom rules, buddy systems,
Feedback/Progress tracking systems - for teacher, parent, students, website
-make models of strategies and activities
- practice simulating the disability, then do the activity
- confirm disability categories and activities that will be used in class


Presentation Schedule
Prep prior to presentation:
- wear coveralls
- write the following presentation schedule on white board prior to presentation
(to keep everyone on schedule)
- arrange desks into groups according to number of categories
- Appoint a timekeeper?

(30 min) Presenation:
"Exceptional Students and Technology Education":
- (3min) Display Prezi Video of Tech Ed classes, machines, tools, safety, & common accidents
- (4min) Introduction to Class:
- Presenters introduce themselves (who, what, why)
-Review Schedule
- (8 min) Breakout Group #1
- Review background info sheet
- Appoint a scribe
- Scibe will document brainstormed strategies
- (5 min) Try Prepared Activity
- Scribe documents effectiveness/feedback from activity
-(9 min) Class Discussion
- Scribes report group category and strategies
-(1 min) Wrap Up
- Feel free to contribute your thoughts and strategies to our website:

Break-out Activities

Picture Components


Video Components

  • Cut version
Worker killed from kickback
  • Cut version
Kickback animation
  • Cut version
Kickback cartoon
  • Cut version
Myth busters
  • Cut version
Kickback demo
  • Cut version
Car falls off hoist
  • Cut version
Misguiding car
  • Cut version


Prezi Presentation

Prezi Presentation

Feedback & Discussion