Welcome Technology Education Teachers
As Tech Ed teachers, we are honored to provide hands-on, interactive learning experiences that bring academic theory to life. Within this wikki you will find a plethora of resources to accommodate all students within a Technology Education classroom.
... Let's collaborate to accommodate all learners!
"I can assure you there is no more powerful advocate for children than a parent armed with information and options." - Dr. Rod Paige

  • to raise awareness for the prevalence of exceptional students in the Tech Ed classroom
  • to raise concern about inadequate research and support at the university level
  • to educate teachers, educational assistants, parents, and students on ways to best accomodate for needs in the Tech Ed classrom
  • to engage through discussion Tech Ed teachers with all concerned parties
  • to provide resources for teachers, educational assisstants, parents, and students
  • to collaborate with Tech Ed teachers to find solutions for accommodating exceptional students in the Tech Ed classroom

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This blog is a wiki - a creative, multi-user, multi-editor space that serves to embrace the idea that ICT is an ever more integrated and evolving entity. Throughout the blog we focus on conceptually similar online software to scaffold our learning, such as: Mindmeister, Prezi, and Second Life. Please leave your fears of technology behind, and rather jump in, try something new, have fun, play, create, and collaborate! The more worthwhile time you put in, the more worthwhile experiences and products you will receive.

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